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We specialize in branding and graphic design for businesses, creating captivating designs that capture each client's unique identity. Additionally, we offer content creation for SNS marketing and product design services. With bespoke solutions, we'll make your business stand out.

Let's partner up to elevate your brand and turn your vision into reality!

Yasuo Kishibe
Creative Director / Partner

Tokyo-born and raised, Yasuo's journey spans continents. He spent over 25 years living and working across the US and Europe before settling in Shanghai in 2010.
His background in creative industries includes roles as an art director and graphic designer within advertising agencies and design firms. He also lent his skills to architectural firms, spearheading brand designs. Not stopping there, Yasuo also served as an art director and editorial designer for a Japanese publisher, extending his talents to writing columns, articles, and restaurant reviews for their magazines.
Furthermore, Yasuo is a co-founder of CAMERA JAPAN, an annual Japanese film and cultural festival established in the Netherlands in 2006. With over 10,000 attendees each year, it stands as the Benelux region's most significant and enlightening cultural festival related to Japan. The festival's creative direction is now under the umbrella of YAS! CREATIVES.
Yasuo's extensive background, encompassing both international experiences and a diverse range of creative endeavors, positions him as a versatile and accomplished professional in the world of design, writing, and cultural events.

Steve Zhang
Design Director

Steve, an accomplished graphic designer based in Shanghai, boasts an impressive career spanning six years. His journey began in the realm of fine art, where he honed his skills in painting and calligraphy. As his passion for visual communication grew, he ventured into the realm of graphic design, embarking on a career within digital advertising agencies.
Driven by an inherent curiosity, Steve thrives on exploring diverse facets of life. He constantly seeks fresh experiences and pushing the boundaries of his creative expression. By delving into various styles, contexts, and mediums, he continually seeks new avenues to integrate innovative ideas into his creations. This dynamic approach fuels his artistic evolution, enabling him to produce unique designs that captivate audiences.

Emiline Zhu
Content Creator (Copywriting & Illustration) 
Business Development Manager / Partner

Emiline, a Shanghai native, enriched her perspectives by studying, working, and living in Canada during her late adolescence and twenties. Graduating from the University of Toronto with a science degree cultivated her critical thinking prowess, equipping her to adeptly discern and address clients' concerns.
Emiline's journey as a content creator unfolded during her early career in the tourism industry, where she discovered a deep affinity for culture and humanities. Later on, she assumed the helm of the prestigious virtual KOL account, Ask Jerry, specializing in the alcohol beverage industry. Serving prominent clients like Loch Lomond, Pernod Ricard, and Rémy Cointreau, Emiline artfully marries cultural nuances with elegant writing and illustration.
Emboldened by client encouragement, Emiline recently launched her own RED account, Melly很卖力, channeling her creativity and dedication to captivating effect.